Blog Strategy

My blog focuses on alternatives to medication and expensive products in order to help children with autism and other autism spectrum disorders. I have chosen this topic as our client produces sensory toys for children with special needs, with the same mantra – that it is suppose to be an alternative or additional support for the children.

When researching the subject I came across a number of blogs focusing on different aspects of the topics. The writers of the blog have varied backgrounds, which makes them eligible to write about the topics. Those are mothers to autistic children, therapists or teachers. As I am neither, I had to have a different approach to my writing.

The bloggers that have inspired me would be and

The two first blogs are very colorful, which is especially appealing for the toys, but I believe that it is also useful when writing about food. However, their blog posts are a lot more lengthy, while I have gone for a shorter version like the last blog. On the last blog, the posts are rather informative and they refer to other sources, which is the same approach that I have used for my posts.

While many of the other bloggers have been able to write lengthy posts about the different topics, I chose to write shorter posts focusing on giving little insights and ideas for further investigation. As I do not have the practical or theoretical knowledge of the subject I have linked research papers, think pieces and other bloggers to my posts, so the reader is able to get the correct and more in debt knowledge elsewhere. Additionally, I have kept it short to make sure, that the reader gets enough information without being bored of repetitive writing.

The target audience of my blog is parents of children with special needs, specifically parents who are new to the subject and needs an easy read to understand how they can help their children. It is also targeted to others who are interested in alternative learning for their children or has other disorders that might benefit from sensory play and alternative diets.

For my SEO tactics, I have used keywords in my headline, text and in the tags. these would be words such as autism, sensory, diet and DIY. These keywords should make it easy for the target audience so find my post.


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